HAPSIM - Programmer's Tutorial

Downloads needed:

HAPSIM Source Codehapsim220_src.zip16.2.2012429.822 bytes MFC VC++6.0 project files
HXS - XML Serializer Generatorhxs100144.zip30.1.200522.005 bytes Executable; You need this tool for automatic code generation of your new control's XML Serializer classes
HXS Source Codehxs100144_src.zip30.1.200511.575 bytes optional
PSAPI Librarypsapi.zip16.3.20043.066 bytes psapi is part of the Windows Platform SDK!
I don't remember where I previously downloaded it. I'm sure it can be found somewhere in the Microsoft download area ...
Until I know the official download link I place it here (I've been asked for it several times).

Adding new controls to HAPSIM:

Every control consists of

How to interface with AvrStudio:

Integration into the Official Release:

If you made changes and you think they might be useful for others too then please send me the new and modified files and I would be glad to integrate them into a new official release of HAPSIM!
Also don't hesitate to e-mail to helmix@gmx.at if you have questions or problems with your implementation.

Helmut Wallner, 5.5.2007